World Have Your Say from Tanzania

The BBC world Service’s global call-in show World Have Your Say will be broadcasting from here tonight between 5pm – 7pm GMT.


One Response to “World Have Your Say from Tanzania”
  1. Dave Jackman says:

    I find it rather ironic that my gradfather came to Africa ending up in Zambia (Northern Rhodesia) from the UK at the begining of the last “Great Depression” looking for work. He was a master builder and cabinet maker, first jobs to go in a recession are building jobs. Lucky for him the Copperbelt was beig built then but jobs were still not easy to come by. He travelled the length of Zambia on a motor cycle looking for work, crossing the Kafue river by way of the rail bridge or paid a local villager to row him accross by dug out, he could not afford the ferry fare, my grandfather left the building industry for a job with the Colonial administration as it was more secure. We are still here in Zambia now.

    Dave Jackman
    Chisamba Zambia

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