World Have Your Say from Coco Beach

Last night’s World Have Your Say was a tricky programme. Power surges and power cuts not to mention low-flying bats all formed hazards that needed to be avoided.

Still, we managed to get several Tanzanians on air at the Coco Beach bar and heard their views on the impending crisis. Special thanks to WHYS regular Adam who heard us on FM 104 — a local World Service rebroadcaster — and turned up to take part.

The podcast is here.

World Have Your Say live at Coco Beach.

Some of the contributors left to right: Emmy, Dina, Jacqueline, Salim and Ranjiv

And a massive thanks to the World Service business unit’s Rob Young who’s quick thinking with batteries saved our equipment from getting fried. Cheers Rob!

Rob young


5 Responses to “World Have Your Say from Coco Beach”
  1. hi my name is wanibum jude from Cameroon. i am troubled about a recent change happening in Cameroon. for the past three days we have been experiencing a sudden change in the atmosphere. that is there have been the falling of white dust particles, something we have never witnessed before. my problem is: is that the world is coming to an end or it is the climate change as its said. please let the scientists go to work and bring us something genuine. we are so frightened. from the north western region of Cameroon.

  2. Draga Osman says:

    Wednesday, July 14, 2010
    Draga Osman from Arua- Uganda

    Wish our troops safe stay in Somalia

    These are worrying times for our troops in Somalia.
    But its time to maximize pressure now and then bring our troops who are serving for African Union peacekeeping mission in Somalia back home.

    African Union together with UN who are backing the government against Islamist insurgents should recruit and train the Somalis to fight for their own security and bring peace in their Country.

    In the meantime, wishes for safety for our own soldiers who are serving in Somalia.

  3. Draga osman says:

    Last week election in Uganda did not conform to the Principles of democratic election. However, the Election was peaceful.

    Basing on my observations, prevailing environment impinged on the credibility of the electoral process because quarter guard gates were opened wide and Soldiers were poured in every street and their visibility alone intimidated people as they were roaming around the city with amoured carrier tanks.

    President Yoweri Museveni also pumped abnormal money for vote buying in the eve of election.
    So in view of these I don’t know whether the so called observers were observing or merely watching and my only interpretation is that Museveni stole votes.
    Draga Osman Arua Uganda

  4. Draga Osman says:

    The political career of FDC leader Kiza Besigye is likely to come to an end after a shocking third consecutive defeat.
    Surely he has no pulse to defeat president Yoweri Museveni let him just hand FDC leadership either to the former army commander Maj. Gen Mugisha Muntu, or his own wife, Eng.Winnie Byanima or the opposition Chief whip and Terego Member of parliament Kassiano Wadri or Soroti woman member of parliament Alice Alaso.
    Draga Osman from Arua Uganda

  5. Osman Draga says:

    Who set fire on Owino market?

    “I became weak, sick and helpless. I don’t know how I can pay school fees for my two children who are Makerere University”, one vendor asked with tears rolling down her cheek.

    Now the question is who burnt the market?

    There must be a high-powered committee to identify the culprits who were behind the latest Owino arson which razed down our leading city market.

    The fire incident was a total act of sabotage, and the question we should raise is who torched the market and who will take responsibility of the loan money borrowed by the vendors?

    It’s my cordial request to the government, law enforcement agencies and intelligence department to help mete out exemplary punishment to the conspirators.

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