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World Have Your Say from Coco Beach

Last night’s World Have Your Say was a tricky programme. Power surges and power cuts not to mention low-flying bats all formed hazards that needed to be avoided.

Still, we managed to get several Tanzanians on air at the Coco Beach bar and heard their views on the impending crisis. Special thanks to WHYS regular Adam who heard us on FM 104 — a local World Service rebroadcaster — and turned up to take part.

The podcast is here.

World Have Your Say live at Coco Beach.

Some of the contributors left to right: Emmy, Dina, Jacqueline, Salim and Ranjiv

And a massive thanks to the World Service business unit’s Rob Young who’s quick thinking with batteries saved our equipment from getting fried. Cheers Rob!

Rob young

The game of Bao

Two men playing this ancient game in Slipway north of Dar es Salaam.

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Tanzania — the skills shortage

Like many east African countries Tanzania has a sizeable ethnic Indian middle-class. Ranjiv Kapur is a film maker who’s been living in Dar es Salaam for 9 years. He described the frustrations of getting staff and doing business in Tanzania during the economic crisis.

Click here to listen to Ranjiv (3 mins 37 secs)

World Have Your Say from Tanzania

The BBC world Service’s global call-in show World Have Your Say will be broadcasting from here tonight between 5pm – 7pm GMT.

Slowdown — what slowdown?

Salim was playing basketball down by the beach in Dar es Salaam. Unlike the IMF, he’s not too worried about things.

Tanzania — Women’s week

Every year starting 1st March is women’s week in Tanzania.

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